W h a t  i s  a   B  C o r p o r a t i o n ?









B Corps are for-profit businesses that have a wider purpose than maximizing profits.

P E O P L E  •  P L A N E T  •  P R O S P E R I T Y

Why Become a B Corp?

B Corps want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and of course it has to make business sense. B Corp Certification helps companies:


  • Differentiate from pretenders

  • Generate awareness of endeavors

  • Attract and engage team members

  • Get recognized among other businesses doing good

  • Build credibility by benchmarking performance

  • Access member services and discounts

  • Save resources

  • Find and work with like-minded peers

  • Reach potential investors, partners, and collaborators

  • Galvanize trust among customers/consumers/clients

  • Protect your company’s mission

  • Help lead a global movement

What is a B Corp?

Certification – Like fair trade (or organic or Energy Star), but for a company

 – Meets the highest standards of verified performance
and transparency


Mindedness – A better way to do business — better for workers,
communities, and the planet


Community – To work together and increase our individual and collective
impacts in all areas


Movement – Leading a global movement of people using business as a
force for good

What Makes Salt Palm a Benefit Corporation?

St. Pete-based Salt Palm Development creates high-quality, responsible residential developments with consideration of environmental, community, and economic impacts.

Salt Palm practices and facilitates social corporate responsibility, and endeavors to help foster a more accountable and enthusiastic corporate responsibility movement in St. Petersburg and Florida.

Salt Palm encourages other businesses to develop practices that benefit corporations and B Corp movements and facilitate further engagement toward a sustainable future.

Inspired by the global B Corp movement, Tampa Bay For Good is for any business contributing to the greater good – because with society’s infinite challenges and goals, it’s imperative for businesses to take on some responsibility, and lead endeavors where we can.


Join a network of like-minded businesses in the Tampa Bay area


Tampa Bay For Good is intended to help good businesses find each other, help spotlight each other’s good efforts, and facilitate further business involvement in community problem-solving and improvement projects.

Tampa Bay For Good requires no certification (though certifications are recognized). A collective of businesses making a simple declaration that our companies make decisions considering more than just profits, joining and being listed in the directory requires only a short survey about your company and impact endeavors.

From The Founder

If you care about pollution, fair labor, and general fairness; if you believe that a business is not really good unless they truly care about their customers and are willing to be transparent to prove it; if you want to support the greater good when you make purchases but can’t easily discern responsible businesses from those with clever marketing; then you’ve been looking for B Corps. B Corps ensure corporate responsibility and transparency through a rigorous certification process to help you know with whom you are doing business. Salt Palm and its affiliates seek first to do business with like-minded partners including fellow Certified B Corps and benefit corporations.