What is a B Corporation?

B Corps are for-profit businesses that have a wider purpose than maximizing profits.

What Makes Salt Palm a Benefit Corporation?

St. Pete-based Salt Palm Development creates high-quality, responsible residential developments with consideration of environmental, community, and economic impacts.

Salt Palm practices and facilitates social corporate responsibility, and endeavors to help foster a more accountable and enthusiastic corporate responsibility movement in St. Petersburg and Florida.

Salt Palm encourages other businesses to develop practices that benefit corporations and B Corp movements and facilitate further engagement toward a sustainable future.

From The Founder

If you care about pollution, fair labor, and general fairness; if you believe that a business is not really good unless they truly care about their customers and are willing to be transparent to prove it; if you want to support the greater good when you make purchases but can’t easily discern responsible businesses from those with clever marketing; then you’ve been looking for B Corps. B Corps ensure corporate responsibility and transparency through a rigorous certification process to help you know with whom you are doing business. Salt Palm and its affiliates seek first to do business with like-minded partners including fellow Certified B Corps and benefit corporations.