About Us

Florida’s First Real Estate Development Benefit Corporation

St. Pete-based Salt Palm Development is a Certified B Corp dedicated to creating luxury sustainable, responsible developments for the Tampa Bay region. The company focuses on high-quality and high-functioning design, and makes business decisions considering environmental and societal impacts.

Salt Palm contributes at least half of its profits back into the neighborhoods of its developments, with focus on Beautification, Sustainability, and Infrastructure improvement projects.


To design and construct top-caliber developments which enhance quality-of-life for both residents and neighbors.


To improve communities with our real estate development expertise and resources; and to inspire other businesses to consider the greater good over maximizing profit.

What is a Benefit Corporation?

Inclusive Economy

“Living wage for all workers. A boardroom with the same mix as the factory floor. Business that works for everyone.”

Global Movement

“A movement of people using business as a force for good”… “Benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.”

B The Change

“A historic global shift. Building a new sector of the economy. An opportunity for those who like to create history.”

Jared Meyers


Andrew Deslandes

President of Development

Michael Cromwell

Clients & Community

Kalpesh Patel

B Corp Adviser

Jennifer Moreau

Exec. Director Florida For Good

Karly Pulido

CSR Specialist

Our Partners

Salt Palm and its partners seek first to do business with fellow Benefit Corporations and Certified B Corps.